Append Technologies


About Append Technologies

APPEND TECHNOLOGIES a private organization operating in the area of human resource consulting with an aim to lead the way endowing with the comprehensive solutions in the HR domain for growing organizations.

With an industry experience, Append Technologies seek to venture a trust worthy drive providing the most reliable professional custom key in the HR mainstay such as recruitment, staffing, back ground check, payroll administration and other HRO solutions.

We solely focus on the enhancement of client organizations by providing quality services on various aspects of their human resources and by letting the organization focus on its core issues.


Acreaty as an organization aims at helping businesses grow by matching the right talent to their specialized staffing and consulting needs and build rewarding careers for the professionals they place. The company adheres to a philosophy of "Ethics First" in everything it does and creates a work environment where employees can thrive and innovate. Acreaty inspires its employees to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and an active participant in the communities in which we live and work.

Our vision is to be a leading consulting firm operating Nationwide and Worldwide. Our success is measured by the value we deliver to clients, the quality of the staff we employ, and our strength and spirit as a firm. We nurture our core values and they shape the culture of our business and define the character of our firm. They guide our decision making, our interactions with our clients and our relationships with each other. Our people adopt, own and apply our values in their work.

Our objective for recruitment agency assists business in meeting their human resources requirements while also serving the need of job seekers. Our main aim is to identifying the talent in Job market and making it available to organizations that require skilled and talented people for various positions.

We are committed expert not consultants

Forget the “advise bill and run” approach, jacket and tie glossy presentation, high bills and no execution. We don’t suddenly appear make a few observation and then vanish , leaving you with a hefty bills and burden of implementation.

We are willing to work work hand in hand with your business at a deeper employee level and bring a strategy to life with you. You can trust us we are honest, committed and genuinely care about making your company a success.

we propose short term contracts with clear deliverable and measurable benefits. Unless you prefer otherwise, we will bill you by the outcome, as we believe it has a tangible value for you rather than the time we might have spent working on it.